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What is the difference?

Flex Change Letters

Flex Change Letter (Flexible Sign Letter)

Rigid Plastic Sign Letters

Rigid Sign Letter (Gemini or Wagner Zip Change)
What is the difference between Flex Change and Rigid Sign Letters?
This is a very common question.  Everyday we receive multiple calls from customers asking what the difference is between Plastic Flexible Sign Letters and Plastic Rigid Sign Letters.

One commonality of Flexible and Rigid Letters is how they are specified.  The height of the plastic panel and the height of the screen printed letter is required for ordering.

Flexible Sign Letters (Flex Change Letters) are made from.030" (approximately 1/32") thick plastic.  Flex Letters are very inexpensive and are typically used in roadside portable signs.  Flex Letters are screen printed and have minimal UV inhibitors (the life span of Flex Change Letters is impacted by the intensity of sun in your region) in the plastic substrate used to make the letter panels.  Flex letters are not to be used with signs if the letters are to be enclosed with a cover.  Finally, Flex Letters are for use in Texas Track.  Texas Track holds the letters in position tightly through compression.  Flex Change Letters are bent into position for placement and can not use a suction cup style letter changing pole these letters must be installed by hand.  This installation requirement makes it impractical to use these letters in locations without easy access, such as high on a sign pole or building.  Also, note that Flex Change Letters are sold as sets only.  The most common size is 8" letter on a 9" panel.  The most common Flex Change Letter style is condensed.  Signoutfitters.com ships a 300 set of 8 on 9 Flex Letters with each portable sign we sell.

Rigid Sign Letters (Wagner Zip Change and Gemini Letters) are made from .080" thick plastic (approximately 3/32") thick plastic.  Rigid Sign letters are also screen printed however, they are very stable in direct sunlight.  Rigid Sign letters work in a push-up / drop-in style track.  These letters do work with suction cup style letter changing poles.  Changeable signs requiring rigid letters are often seen at the top of sign poles, building walls, and for gas station price signs.  Rigid letters are sold individually.

In conclusion, Flex Change Letters and Rigid Sign Letters are not interchangeable.  Flex letters will blow easily out of rigid sign track.  Rigid letters are too thick to fit into Texas Track.  Do not be tempted to replace your rigid sign letters with Flex Change Letters because of the price point.