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Signoutfitters.com is the premiere store for yard signs in all shapes and sizes. Need yard signs for a political campaign? We are the perfect source. We even have a guide to help you make great custom designs for your yard signs. And we gladly give volume discounts, which means you can have your signs for as little as a couple dollars each. Whether poly bag or full-color corrugated, our yard signs are shipped quickly—and conveniently—to your front door.
15 inch H-Stakes - The more you buy the cheaper they get. An economical solution. This sign stand will display your corrugated sign at ground level. This is a popular option for use in windy areas. QTY 50 per Box.
15 inches tall – keeps the bottom of the sign near the ground – these shorter stakes work well in high wind areas and are economically priced.
Buy as few as (50) 30 inch H Wires. Our most popular size. For corrugated plastic yard signs. Considered the traditional sign stand, will display your yard sign approximately 12 inches off the ground. QTY 50 per Box.
30 inches tall – keeps the bottom of the sign 10 to 15 inches above grade.
Heavy Duty Sign Stakes - For Yard Signs. Heavy duty - long lasting performance. For corrugated plastic yard signs. Heavy duty sign stand will display your yard sign approximately 12 inches off the ground. Stake is 30 inches high. QTY 25 per Box.
30 inches tall - This stake will keep the sign approximately 12 inches off the ground.

Tips for Installing Sign Wires into Corrugated Plastic Signs

24 x 18 inch Corrugated Plastic Sign with ''tick mark'' seven inches from either side.

Sign Wire inserted into flute of 4 mm (3/6'') Coroplast yard Sign.

When mounting corrugated plastic yard signs to stakes we recommend making a small tick mark on the bottom of the sign.  For 24 x 18 inch signs make two small tick marks 10 inches apart (10 inches is the width of a standard H fame).  An easy way to do this on a 24 inch wide sign is to measure in 7 inches from each side and make a tick mark at each location.  This will leave two marks spaced 10 inches apart.  (For an 18 inch wide sign measure in 4 inches from each side).

After making the marks line up your both legs of your sign wire with the corresponding flute and push the wire in.  Use caution when handling sign wires they can be sharp and often have an oily coating one them, your hands may get dirty (a little soap and water will clean your hands up).

Note:  First of all installing sign wires is not very difficult.  Your sign wires should insert relatively easily.  The wires are approximately 10 inches apart, you may have to make slight adjustments to your measurements due to manufacturing tolerences.  If the guide marks are not made properly the signs will be difficult to mount and may crease your sign.

Sign Stakes For Fold-Over Poster Board Signs:
Poster Board Sign Frames - U Frame for Fold-Over Poster Board Signs. The more you buy the cheaper they get. QTY 25 per Box
Wire Sign Frames are made from 9 gauge high tensile strenght steel wire that push into the ground.  Just fold the sign over the frame and staple down the sides.

Frames For Double-Sided Poly Bag Signs:
Poly bag sign wire frames are made from heavy gauge, high tensile strength steel wire.  The frames are strong, yet springy, to resist bending.  Assembly of a poly bag sign is simple, quick, and easy.  First, push the steel frame into the ground.  Then slip the sign over the frame.  Bag sign wire frames are about 5/32 inches in diameter (approximately 6 gauge).

Yard signs can be used to promote businesses, events, or political campaigns.  SignOutfitters.com manufactures yard signs using a state of the art printing process (view our yard sign production area).  Our ready made yard sign templates make online ordering easy.  We can print custom yard signs to your specification.  For more information email, or call us at 1-800-513-1695.  We always welcome your call!  For news, product releases, and customer service topics visit our Blog.