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Hate Has No Home Here Signs
1. Install no-mar anti-slip feet by pushing Feet into holes on bottom of Base and pressing drive pin in completely to lock foot into hole.
2. Attach Spring Assembly to Base using Truss Head Bolt and Washer. Insert Truss Head Bolt with Washer through outer recessed hole in bottom of Base and tighten into Spring Assembly. You may have to apply pressure to the screw when starting.
3. Add 1-11/2 gallons (4-6 litres) of water into Ballast Port on top of Base and then insert Ballast Port Cap. The sign will now weigh 14-18 lbs (6-8kg.).
4. Attach decorated Sign Face to Base by inserting rods from Spring Assembly into flutes of the Sign Face.  Make sure Sign Face is centered and resting on top of spring.
  • Decorate Sign Face before attaching to Base. Keep design simple for maximum impact.
  • To transport, tip sign on side using handhold and hold from Spring.
  • Springer signs are designed for winds up to 30 mph.  In the event of higher winds bring sign inside or add more water through the Ballast Port.
Springer Signs are designed to be placed on
top of parked cars only.
DO NOT drive with any part of sign on roof
of vehicle.
Remove sign from vehicle in high winds.