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Oval Style Personalized Address Plaques

Oval Style Personalized Address Plaques are handcrafted in Michigan (by Whitehall Products).  Personalized oval address plaques and address markers are made of recycled, rust-free, cast aluminum, and finished with durable, weather-resistant finishes.  Our address signs are available in several color combinations.

Oval personalized address plaques and address signs are handcrafted in Michigan by Whitehall Products.  For over 60 years, Whitehall has been crafting personalized name and address plaques to provide a distinctive finishing touch to homes across the country.  Whitehall is the world's largest manufacturer of personalized name and address plaques.  These Oval Style Address Plaques can be an attractive decoration for your home.  Personalized with your address.
We specialize in printing yard signs, lawn signs, and political signs.  If you are looking for this type of personalized lawn sign please view our custom yard signs page.
Date Design Personalized Address Plaque
Date Design Personalized Address Plaque. These plaques come in four styles. These plaques are used to display the importance of a historical year event building or house. Show when your family was established or when a building was built.
Ivy Oval Design Personalized Address Plaque
Ivy Oval Design Personalized Address Plaque. These oval plaques feature an ivy vine that aligns the top and the bottom. Address plaque comes in many color combinations and makes a good home decoration. One line cast aluminum address plaque.
Madison Oval Design Personalized Address Plaque
Madison Oval Design Personalized Address Plaque. These simple plaques are very attractive home decoration. Customized with your home address, plaques come in one or two line, with many color options. Standard, estate or petite sizes available.
Morning Glory Oval Design Personalized Address Plaque
Morning Glory Oval Design Personalized Address Plaque. Customized Address Plaque that features the Morning Glory flower along the top an bottom of the oval. This attractive address plaque design makes for a nice home decoration. Many color choices.
Oval Plaque Design Personalized Address Plaque
This simple design is exactly like the description an Oval Plaque Address Plaque. This sign is personalized with your address information. Address Plaque may be simple but it is an elegant sign. This plaque will add flair to any home. Very affordable.
Pansy Design Personalized Address Plaque
Oval address plaque that feature a design of a Pansy flower. Flowers are located at the top and bottom of the oval. Address plaques are personalized with your house or building number. A perfect plaque for a florist. One line address plaque.
Rose Oval Design Personalized Address Plaque
Rose Oval Design Personalized Address Plaque. Rose design on the top of the oval and the bottom. Rose design address plaque perfect for the avid gardener. Cast aluminum address plaque that features a rose pattern. Made in Michigan by Whitehall Products.