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Peacock Blue

Process Blue

Ultra Blue



Mineral Orange

Medium Yellow

PMS Number



PMS 3282

PMS 293

PMS 2995

PMS 2756

PMS 2613

PMS 202

PMS 021

PMS 116

PMS Colors are approximate - not exact.  Note:  Colors may vary due to monitor settings.

Color Choices            


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Emerald Green Dark Green Fire Red Rhodamine Red Brown Cool Gray

Neon Pink

Neon Orange Neon Yellow

Neon Green

PMS Number PMS 347 PMS 343 PMS 200 PMS 226 PMS 4695 PMS 428

PMS 806

PMS 811 PMS 809

PMS 802

*Neon Colors - Begin to fade after 30 days if exposed to prolonged sunlight.  One color neon signs are not recommended.  A dark background is suggested for better readability.  Neon colors are bright fluorescent like colors.

Pantone Color Matching is available for an additional charge.  Please call 1-800-513-1695 for details.